Meeting with Bill Gammage

What a privilege it is to have met such a gentle and knowledgeable man

Tracey M Benson || Bytetime

On Monday, Martin Drury and I were very privileged to spend some time with acclaimed researcher and writer Bill Gammage.

Bill Gammage © Tracey Benson Bill Gammage © Tracey Benson

We had a great time discussing his book The Biggest Estate on Earth. The book documents early European impressions of Australia, proving that there were existing sophisticated land management systems in place. The Allen & Unwin website states about the book:

Explodes the myth that pre-settlement Australia was an untamed wilderness revealing the complex, country-wide systems of land management used by Aboriginal people.

Across Australia, early Europeans commented again and again that the land looked like a park. With extensive grassy patches and pathways, open woodlands and abundant wildlife, it evoked a country estate in England. Bill Gammage has discovered this was because Aboriginal people managed the land in a far more systematic and scientific fashion than we have ever realised.

What appeals to me greatly…

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Olympus OM-D E-M5 II

What I want for Christmas

Olympus OM-D E-M5 II

Olympus OM-D E-M5 II

The Olympus OM-D E-M5 II is a pretty awesome little mirrorless camera with up to 40 megapixel in multi-exposure mode. See the review on Digital Photography Review


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Walls of Jerusalem, Tasmania – A Photo Essay

Here are some photos of a bushwalk I did at the Walls of Jerusalem in 2008

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Sawtell Sunset – A Photo Essay

Here are a few pictures taken from Boambee Creek Reserve, Sawtell as the sun set over the hills.

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Pokhara, Nepal – A Photo Essay

Further to my posts on Katmandu and Ama Dablam here are some more memories of Nepal from my visit in 2008 prior to the devastating earthquake.

These photos are around Pokhara, South of the Annapurna Region.

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Ama Dablam Trek, Nepal – A Photo Essay

Further to my post on Katmandu here are some more memories of Nepal from my trek in 2008 prior to the devastating earthquake.
Originally posted on Geokult Travel April 28, 2014Martin Drury

A totally awe-inspiring trek in the Everest region of Nepal in November 2008.

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